How to cure a bad case of writer’s block

Coming up with new, super-fly content ideas for blog posts and social media is not always that easy. Sometimes you are just way too swamped with other things and the pressure of getting something posted can be a heavy weight on your shoulders.

Other times you just feel tapped out, fresh out of brand-spankin’ new, awesome ideas. If you’re really unlucky, this can go on for days. Weeks even. That’s when you know you’ve contracted a bad case of writer’s block.

That’s also when you know you need to do something to kick it. Fast.

There are no silver bullets to cure writer’s block - find out what works for you

A bad case of writer’s block can be tough to snap out of and there’s no magic cure or silver bullet that’ll get you back on track but hopefully, these tips below can give you a nudge in the right direction.

These suggestions are all selected as a part of our ‘5 Minute Marketing’ concept, which means that you should be able to get going with each of these suggestions in five minutes or less.

You’ve written awesome content in the past – so start by digging where you stand

Sometimes the remedy to curing your writer’s block is closer than you think. You’ve produced heaps of great content in the past – so dig where you stand before you start prospecting elsewhere. Take a few minutes to go through your archives and glance through your most popular posts.

Why not recycle some of these kick-ass posts you’ve concocted before?

You could write an updated version of a popular post or a round-up of some of last year’s most popular posts, elaborate on a topic you’ve explored in the past, find new angles, or maybe even find a subject matter expert to interview on that topic.

If your own old content isn’t enough to get you going – branch out and get inspired by your go-to writers and brands

A good way to kick your writer’s block is to get inspired by other writers or brands you like. Brands that fit your own – or your company’s – style.

At Digital Mic Drop, we like being a bit tongue-in-cheek and love writers who are witty but still on point, so whenever we feel empty like a Guinness keg after Paddy’s Day, one of our go-to brands is The Adventurists - a UK based adventure travel company that has a found a captivating balance between wit, sarcasm, reverse psychology and informative content that makes us want to read every single one of their blog posts.

Spend a few minutes browsing your favorite brands’ websites and social feeds and maybe they’ll give you the lingo and the ideas you need to get those creative juices flowing again.

How to get over writer's block
Writer’s block: Recognize this? You stare at your screen and come up with absolutely nothing of value.

Ask your followers

If you want to find inspiration for content ideas that will captivate your readers for the next couple of weeks and months – why not ask your readers what they are interested in reading about?

A shout out or an online poll in your social channels or a quick survey to your email list will give you the answers you need in a jiffy.

Get inspiration from trending topics

Another good way of getting inspiration and get those fingers of yours clickety-clacking away on the ol’ keyboard is to check out what topics are trending in your industry at the moment.

A quick glance on Twitter, your LinkedIn feed or the business/industry groups you are following on Facebook will give you all the answers you need.

Get inspiration from music and lyrics

Put on your headphones, zone out the noise in the office and put your hands on your keyboard. Music is great for getting into the zone.

This blog post was written on a southbound commuter train heading towards Stockholm city to the helpful tunes of Pink, the Folk Rock Chill playlist, and some carefully curated Finnish power metal tunes on Spotify.

The music itself can also be a great source of inspiration. If you pay closer attention to the lyrics of your favorite tunes – chances are that you will start picking up inspiration for your writing. Like we did with this Bruce Springsteen song.

Get out of the office!

If all else fails – step away from your desk and get out of the office for a few minutes. Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to clear your head. Or why not work elsewhere for the afternoon?

Head down to a cozy café, get on a train, grab a seat at the local library or go for a walk and record your new content ideas on your phone.

The mental exhale of stepping out of your noisy usual stomping grounds is great for getting fresh ideas and before you know it – that writer’s block of yours will be gone like a paycheck.

Good luck and speedy recovery!  


Now it’s your turn:

Have you ever been struck by writer’s block? What was your cure and what helped you get that pen working again?

We would love it if you would share your experiences and best tips in the comments below!

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