Trump Trump’s tweets with a Flic button

The Flic Bluetooth button is an ingenious little invention that helps you control everyday things. You can control the lights in your home, your stereo, your coffee machine, your TV, your thermostat, and more by simply pressing a pre-programmed button. It can also help you control your favorite apps, order an Uber, track your workout, help you drive safer and help you snap better selfies. That sort of stuff.

Sounds like a pretty nifty gadget, we thought. At Digital Mic Drop we like inspiring technology, but above everything else, we like inspiring and creative marketing. It’s sort of our thing. So when someone told us that the Flic button now comes in a ‘Trump edition’, we dropped everything and took a closer look.

Hit the Flic and tweet Donald Trump

‘The Donald Trump Button’ and the marketing around it taps into the current Trump-dominated news cycle and the never-ending reports about President Trump’s manic tweeting behavior.

As numerous news outlets report on a daily basis, many of President Trump’s tweets are littered with errors and ‘alternative facts’, so the creative people at Shortcut Labs, the company behind the Flic button, decided to take matters into their own hands.

They pre-programmed a Flic button to tweet ‘WRONG!’ to Donald Trump’s personal Twitter handle @realdonaldtrump and re-invented their already successful Bluetooth button as a novelty item, which by the way is now also powered by Orangetooth:

“The button connects to your smartphone using Orangetooth, not Bluetooth, Orangetooth. It’s great. Some people like to call it Bluetooth but it’s fake, absolutely fake, don’t believe it.”

So, when you see that next batshit crazy tweet from The Donald, just press the button and trump Trump’s tweets!

Why do we love ‘The Donald Trump button’ marketing campaign?

Simple. We love it because it’s simple. We are huge, no, yuge fans of witty real-time marketing and the ‘Donald Trump button’ is just that. A timely and creative way to tap into the Trump-dominated news cycle whilst at the same time creating interest in the original Flic button.

The copywriting on is hilarious and yet very product focussed. The marketing folk at Shortcut Labs have done a brilliant job with this campaign by mimicking Trump’s own rhetoric and tonality to sell the button’s USPs. To give you a taste:

“The Best Battery.
The battery will last up to 2 years, it’s true, unbelievable but true. It has a non-replaceable battery inside, it’s very small and it’s great, it’s the best.”

“Last night in Sweden we were sitting and thinking of how we can make our voices heard. This button is going to make it easier for us to make ourselves heard and we know people, we know lots of people and no one speaks up. No more sitting on our phones like bing bing bing bong bong.”

A fun product with a ‘bigly’ purpose

A button that tweets Trump is fun, gimmicky and timely, but it’s not all fun and games. The people at Shortcut Labs also have a serious purpose with their button. For every button sold, 10% of the proceeds are donated to an International Pro-women’s Right Fund as a response to Donald Trump’s recent ban on funding international groups that provide women with information about pro-choice options.

The people at Shortcut Labs have done a tremendous job with marketing this button, it’s fantastic. Tremendous. Trust us, no one knows button-marketing like we do!


If you like cool tech and would like a Flic button of your own, get it here:

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