How to improve your Instagram growth and engagement with hashtags

This article on Instagram growth is a guest contribution by Vivien Conway, co-founder of Ace The Gram, New Zealand:

Here’s some insight into how you can revolutionize your Insta-game with some simple #tweaking.

- You’re allowed to use a max. of 30 hashtags per post. Use them all.
- Aim of the game – Make the top posts!
- Post in first comment so it doesn’t look spammy having 30 #’s in the caption. By all means post some #’s in the caption if they’re relevant.

Most often people use massive, generalized #’s. eg. #love #happy #girl. Unless you’ve got 1M followers and are getting massive engagement, you’re not going to be able to compete with those that do - i.e. you’re not going to make top posts. Remember, aim of the game – make the top posts!

Think of a Hashtag that matches your niche and photos. If you’re starting out, start small (try #’s with less than 100,000 posts, even less than 50,000) and see how many likes and comments those in the top posts have.

TIP: use for ideas on associated #’s.

With your initial chosen #’s, look along the top bar that shows similar hashtags and choose ones from here that also have similar post numbers. (Instagram considers these #’s to be in the same niche which will make your relevance within that niche stronger).

Make a list of all the #’s you’ve gathered and keep them in notes so you can copy and paste them quickly into the first comment. Posting them quickly is essential as the algorithm tracks the engagement on the post once you have posted the tags.

When you start posting with these #’s, see how your posts perform. Change #’s to be bigger or smaller depending on whether you’re making top posts. Ideally you want to stay in a top post position for at least a day.

EXTRA BOOST: Before and after you post your pic and #’s, go through each # feed and like and or comment on photos (as little as 5 per # feed can be enough). This tells the algorithm that you’re active in that niche and will boost your chances of appearing in the top posts. NB Start slowly with likes/comments so that your spike in activity isn’t considered spammy (leads to account bans).

Good luck with your Instagram growth!

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