When ROI and KPIs are measured in love and helpfulness

Yesterday I had the most inspiring meeting I’ve had in a long time. Yes, really. I met with a potential partner for my day job to discuss digital and offline meeting places to help job seekers energize and be more successful when they´re jumping through hoops trying to land themselves a job.

The person I met with is an entrepreneur and a very seasoned business executive in the hospitality industry. You’d think that someone with that profile would be mostly interested in measurables like the ROI on each activity, clear KPIs and bottom-line sales figures. But not this guy. Not even in the slightest, at least not for our partnership. And he could sense that I was in the same frame of mind.

He began by telling me a heartfelt story from his own life and proceeded to talk about his passion for spreading love and helping people to better lives. Without anything to gain, what so ever. Except for heaps and heaps of karma-points.

But guess what. These ‘flower power-esque’ KPIs (or lack thereof) will inevitably lead to more traditional KPIs and he, and we will get our ROI – for the simple reason that we are not doing it for that reason. We’re doing it because we can, because we should, and because it’s a great opportunity to do good together.

The recipe is easy: Do good and good ripple effects will happen. If you and your organization, whatever it may be, have a strong purpose to do good, others will notice and will want to partner with you. By joining forces, your joint purpose will be amplified, which in turn will give it even more visibility. And amplified visibility in positive contexts leads to positive ripple effects without it being the KPI in the first place.

This all sounds nice and fluffy, I know, but a meeting and a partnership like this one strengthens my belief in focusing on purpose-based marketing yet again. I’m pumped.

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