‘I am Canadian’ – A fridge full of awareness

Molson awareness marketing

Let’s continue on the theme of creative and inspirational awareness marketing campaigns. We’ve previously highlighted the Kiss Cam for unbiased loveIKEA’s unusual campaign to raise awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis and Sarah’s Journey – a Kickstarter project aimed at helping refugee children understand the world they live in.

Awareness marketing through a good old beer fridge

Next on our list is Canadian beer brand Molson’s ‘I am Canadian’ beer fridge. This awareness marketing campaign is a perfect response to the current state of our less inclusive, wall-building world and Molson hit the nail right on its head.

Molson is using brand activation in its purest form and good old beer fridge to answer the question ‘What makes someone a Canadian?’ They placed a bright red fridge in the middle of a city street and on the fridge, a sticker says “Say ‘I am Canadian’ to open the fridge”.

The challenge is that in order to open the fridge, the beer-craving pedestrians need to say ‘I am Canadian’ in no less than six different languages.

What happens next is just beautiful. Take a look:

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