It’s great to be back!

After that nine-month hiatus, it feels great to be back. Amazing, in fact. It’s been so encouraging to follow our Google analytics day by day (incredibly addictive, by the way!) and see that you readers are enjoying Digital Mic Drop. Thank you for spending your time on here!

There are a lot of exciting things coming down the pipeline shortly. Among other things, a piece where we are talking to an experience design consultant who is breaking down buzzwords ‘design thinking’ and ‘experience design’ for us is waiting just around the bend.

I’m also overwhelmed with the sheer volume of incredible, thought-provoking campaigns that are being thought up around the world, like Volvo Cars’ ‘The Recruiting Car’ and their E.V.A. Initiative. Stay tuned for a piece on the latter, it’s something else for sure.

It is also encouraging that more and more organizations are following Volvo’s example and are focusing on marketing campaigns with a strong purpose. Thank you to the new generation of consumers for being values and purpose-driven, you steer the rest of us in the right direction. I predict (and hope) that there will be lots of heart-warming, purpose-based campaigns coming out over the next few years.

While I am on the topic of ‘Thank yous’, I’ll take the opportunity to say thank you to our incredible interviewees and guest-contributors. Without people like Dan Tyre, Chris Moss, Nina Jansdotter, Harry and Mike, Sam Hurley, and our other interviewees, DMD wouldn’t be what it is today.

Speaking of guest-contributors - if you, dear reader, would like to contribute to Digital Mic Drop with an article or if you think we should interview you - or know of an inspiring, disruptive marketing campaign that has caught your attention - feel free to reach out and let us know.

Thanks again for hanging out here!

- Peter

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