Adobe Stock makes fun of hovering Art Directors

Photo credit: Adobe Creative Cloud (and one very patient graphic designer)

Adobe is back with a new campaign that is sure to put a smirk on every marketer and designer’s face. When we last checked in on them, the image editing giant was launching their stock photo service, conveniently named Adobe Stock, by simultaneously launching a line of novelty t-shirts with classic, cheesy stock photo prints.

This time, the Adobe has taken to making fun of impossible Art Directors who spend way too much time giving way too much input and feedback to their designers.

Adobe Stock helps designers keep up with hovering Art Directors

“Can we add a baby bear? Two pixels to the left. 10 percent bigger. Can we give the bear a bit more personality?” Has this ever happened to you? In their campaign ‘Keep up with Hovering Art Directors’, created by Adobe and agency mcgarrybowen Amsterdam, the designer uses Adobe Stock to heroically cater to every single one of his Art Directors nonsensical whims. The video is absolutely hilarious and for anyone who has ever worked with graphics and clients, managers or colleagues with an abundance of input and ideas – it should hit right home:

“I want to go for black, with a little bit of white. No, I don’t want gray”

The campaign also includes shorter 30-second bonus videos featuring more conversations between the brave designer and the Art Director. This is our favorite:

Going the extra mile with a WolfBear webinar

Adobe Stock didn’t stop at ‘just’ whipping out a super funny and memorable video campaign. Why would they? They even offered designers a chance to learn how to recreate the WolfBear image from the video through a live one-hour webinar masterclass on compositing and retouching. Now that’s going the extra mile when launching a campaign.

Be sure to check out the bonus videos, trust us.

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