Early bird catches the client testimonial

Trainy McTrainface

4 am start today. Brutal. But there’s pure marketing gold at the end of the rainbow. I am on a speed train (in fact, I am on the semi-famous Trainy McTrainface) on my way across Sweden with a video crew in tow to interview one of my day-job clients to shoot a testimonial video.

As most marketers know, there’s no better marketing for your product than when a happy client agrees to leave a testimonial. Our client has agreed to take time out of their day for a video shoot – and here’s the kicker:

As my day job is in the recruitment industry, it’s very rare to get testimonials from both the employer-perspective and the candidate-perspective. We get to interview both the HR Manager and the person who got the job at the same time. Both equally satisfied with our company and our process. What!?

That, my friends, is like finding a purple unicorn that is also an excellent listener and has a flair for French cuisine.

The video, once done, will be part of a whitepaper and a campaign page focused on the benefits of unbiased, value-based recruitment and I can’t wait to see it live!

So, with ‘The Best of Mötley Crüe’ playlist blaring in my ears and my second cup of coffee before 6 am securely installed in my system, I’ll get this show on the road. Well, on the rails, actually.

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