Unexpected shopping turned into unexpected brand activation

When Mall of Scandinavia, a new mega-mall in Stockholm, Sweden, was gearing up for its grand opening their marketing team wanted to get some brand activation going. They wanted to attempt to capture the attention of the 200,000 or so people that rush through Stockholm Central Station on any given day.

But in order to succeed with a brand activation feat like that, you have to think outside the box. Or, do you?

Mall of Scandinavia did just the opposite. They thought inside the box when they partnered with communications and brand agency Patriksson Communications and turned and their own strapline ‘Unexpected shopping’ into the ‘Unexpected Box’.

All of a sudden, at 5 am on a Monday morning, an almost invisible mirror-clad box appeared in the middle of Stockholm Central Station. Curious travelers soon gathered around the mystery box to try and figure out what was inside.

Rebecca & Fiona

The box opened up and people got to step inside in small groups and experience an unexpected live show, confetti showers and an intimate silent disco with electro-pop stars Rebecca & Fiona. Now that’s what we call unexpected.

“With the Unexpected Box we wanted to show the Stockholmers what Mall of Scandinavia is - an experience beyond the ordinary. With the help of Rebecca & Fiona we created an unexpected and exciting element on a normal day and gave the visitors of the Unexpected Box a positive experience”, says Kajsa Nilsson, Communications at Mall of Scandinavia in a press statement.

Check out this marketing video reel from the Unexpected Box: