SEO: From zero to SEO’d in 15 hours – Part 3: The proof is in the pudding

In my last update on my SEO improvement project for a Canadian event company website I had six hours to go before reaching the maximum of 15 hours. That was six weeks ago and at that point, the ranking on key search phrase ‘event production Winnipeg’ (which was a phrase that my client was struggling with and wanted to rank a whole lot better on) had reached page one position 10 on Not too shabby considering that the starting point for this particular phrase was page 15, position 150.

So where are we at now? The website has now moved up the ladder even more and is sitting nicely and consistently in third position for the same phrase. In other words; the content and coding changes that were identified and implemented resulted in a 147-position ranking-bump up the ladder. Again, not too shabby at all.

As with all SEO projects time is a factor, as it takes time before search engines in general, and Google is of course no exception, re-index websites with poor content relevancy or coding quality. They are simply not a top priority for the search engines. When writing this, just over two months have passed since this project was kicked off and we have begun to see some amazing results. Not only is the website now a top ranking website on a key industry search phrase, but the traffic to the website has also skyrocketed.

At the end of June, shortly after Google Analytics was added to the website, it had a total of 27 unique visitors over the course of a week. One month after, the UV count was 95. Traffic had more than tripled – or if you prefer – a 359% increase in traffic in one month.

“Thank you to Ghost Writer for helping our company! We have reaped the benefits of these improvements directly with the higher visibility in this world wide web! Clients are seeking us out.”

As a part of this project I have also done a sweep to clean up depleted web assets, old websites that are still online with outdated company information, and 301-redirected the domains to the primary domain. I have also assisted my client with improving the news value of the website by building social media news feeds on the website. As a result, the client is also seeing more page views in their Google Analytics as well as a lower bounce rate. In layman’s terms; the website is now a lot more relevant and interesting to the visitor.

One last hour to go before we hit the magic 15 hour mark. This last hour will be spent building out additional content and wrapping up the project, however an impromptu Facetime video call from the managing director of the company who shouted “Peter, you are awesome! Thank you!” kind of wrapped this project up quite nicely for me.

Job done.

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