6 months of consumer social media marketing by the numbers

Yesterday, my color fun run event production client threw their last bash for the year when a couple of thousand runners took to the streets of Stockholm and literally made the Swedish capital just that little bit more colorful.

Color powder flew left right and center, soap bubbles climbed in the evening sky, disco balls were spinning, the DJ and MCs kept the crowd energized and I was there to witness it all.

What a perfect way to end this 2016 season with my client: To experience the race in full force and hang out with the people who have read my posts, engaged and ultimately bought a ticket.

Here’s what 6 months of consumer social media marketing has resulted in:

Posts: Over 140 unique page posts
Reach (unique):
Over 1 million, organic Reach surpassed 850,000
Engagements (unique):
Over 27,600 engagements
Video views (total):
Over 36,000 views
Conversions: Over 11,000 tickets sold. At an average ticket price of 35 USD / 31 Euro that amounts to 385,000 USD / 345,000 Euro - and this to the modest cost of 1,260 USD / 1,136 Euro
Production Cost Per Engagement: 2.90 USD / .25 Euro
Production Cost Per Ticket Sold: 1 USD / .9 Euro

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you hire a sales driven ghost writer to help you with your event marketing.

*mic drop*