Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. (Unless you are a brand, then read on.)

This old children’s rhyme may still bear weight on the average school yard but when it comes to the business world and your company brand - words can definitely hurt you. Misspelt words, that is.

A company’s employees, along with happy clients, are often its greatest ambassadors. However; even the company’s best employees, you know, the high performers with the best attitude, the ones with the best customer focus and the ones with the highest customer satisfaction scores, can still damage the company brand.

How? Through honest mistakes and innocent writing errors when communicating with clients. Employees without all the necessary writing skills, knowledge of spelling and grammar for professional writing or an eye for brand-centered and context-driven writing that are left to compose their own client communications, sales presentations and marketing material can unintentionally damage your brand by simply sending out emails, proposals and other collaterals that are just not up to par.

In other words; existing clients as well as prospective clients will most likely get a less positive impression of a company’s otherwise professional brand when they receive emails that are littered with typos and sentences that are not composed properly. Often times, employees will also reuse previously written emails and document templates, which means that this issue can quite easily become even more widespread as many contacts may be exposed to the same less professional communication.

After all, employees are ultimately the voice of the company and their verbal and written communication represent the brand, so make sure your brand is represented in the best possible way through your employees.

Ok, so that’s the problem. What’s the solution?
Luckily, the solution to this is an easy fix. You guessed it: Professional email and document templates that are composed and approved by the company’s marketing team or by an external copywriter. Roll these puppies out to all employees within the department or the company and you have a great way to quality control the messaging that your clients receive, a great way to ensure that the correct information and the best unique selling points are included and a great way to ensure that your company logos and brand identifiers are used correctly.

An added value for the employees is the time saved by not having to write lengthy emails or create fancy sales presentations - and everyone knows that time is money. Win-win.

So, give your brand a belated New Year’s gift: Professional, brand-centered and efficient written templates.

Your brand is going to love it.

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