Social media: The power of quirky consumer marketing

I am right in the middle of knocking out copy for my latest project and I thought I’d share a few lines. For this project, I have the pleasure of working with an über-fun brand. My client organizes color runs all around the world and they have asked me to work on their Swedish social media presence, email copywriting and translations leading up to this summer’s races.

These color runs have a demographic range like you’ve never seen before; they attract pretty much anyone between the ages of 7 to 77 who is fun lovin’ and up for a bit of exercise and color craziness. Basically, it’s a 5K untimed race where all the runners get pelted with cascades of colorful cornstarch and anyone can join; young or old, ambitious runners and fun-runners, families with strollers and disabled people in wheelchairs. Before the start and after the race, there is also a dance party with a DJ, dancers, entertainment, the works. Love it.

My mission is to create a series of fun, mad social posts that generate viral buzz and ticket sales for each race and since the brand itself is all about fun, quirky and madness, the writing of these posts is sheer joy. Consumer marketing is always a bit more relaxed and easy to work with than corporate communications and in this case, all stops are pulled. For a conversion focused marketer like myself, a campaign like this is the dream and I just love the incredible range of quirky words and phrases I can string together to generate just that: buzz and conversions.

Another aspect of working with a cool consumer brand like this one is that the audience engagement on social media is through the roof. In my years of working with other consumer marketing campaigns I have never seen anything like it. People hit the like button, they tag their friends, comment and engage like there’s no tomorrow.

Let me demonstrate. In one of my posts, the copy sounded something like this:

“The more, the merrier! Bring your wifey, your mother-in-law, your cat sitter and that helpful neighbor who is always there when you need him, to the most awesome and indisputably the most colorful race in Stockholm! Book your ticket, right now.”
(insert ticket url and photo of crazy fun group shot of people covered in color powder from head to toe.)

The post reached over 21,000 people in just one day and generated tremendous engagement and ticket sales.

So simple, so quirky but yet insanely efficient as a sales generator.

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