Besides writing about digital marketing, Digital Mic Drop is also a freelance creative studio where we help companies, organizations, and events reach out, promote themselves and drive engagement through mic dropping content in all shapes and sizes.

What we do:

What our clients say:

“I cannot thank Digital Mic Drop enough for their high level of professionalism, knowledge, expertise, careful strategizing, honesty, and respect for us. They exceeded all my hopes and expectations on the development of my website.”

Elba Haid, President & CEO, Realcare Inc.

“Peter and Digital Mic Drop played a pivotal role in the initial project scope, website design, feature development and launch of our Baby World Language learning portal. When we partnered with H2; Baby World Language was a new concept and the project roadmap was ever-changing. Peter and his team provided very helpful consultative advice and hands-on solutions development. These solutions helped us ‘go live’ with our SaaS model learning platform and enter the market. I recommend Peter and Digital Mic Drop for future projects.”

Paul von Wittgenstein, CEO, Baby World Language Inc.


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