The Alice Cooper press release experience

Alice Cooper band press release

It has been a hectic few months and I have been kept quite busy by my clients. Needless to say, that’s fantastic and I couldn’t ask for more. Highlights when you are a freelance writer come in many shapes and sizes and over the past few months, they’ve come in the shape of one major client renewal, one new and very exciting tech client and one small but hugely exciting job that got me all giddy: A press release for an upcoming exclusive jam session and fan party for the Alice Cooper band!

For me as a rock fan slash ghost writer, it’s big news to get asked to work on promotional material and a press release that involves a living rock legend (even though the jam session itself is with ‘just’ the band and not the legendary Alice himself) and the music I grew up with. Not to mention the opportunity to craft a quote from the legendary Alice Cooper’s lead guitarist:

We have always loved playing in Sweden and Stockholm. Our Swedish fans are some of the most dedicated Alice Cooper fans in the world and we always have a great time when we are on stage. We truly look forward to this special night at the Hard Rock, says Ryan Roxie.

This quote above is truly the essence of being a ghost writer.
Ryan is an amazing guitarist and performer who loves being on stage. That’s what he does best and what they pay him to do. The ghost writer’s job is to help Ryan and the rest of the Alice Cooper band communicate their appreciation for their fans and at the same time, create buzz and ticket sales for upcoming gigs through kickass copywriting. That’s what I do best and what they pay me to do.

Another excerpt from the release:

‘The Alice Cooper band members are currently touring the world along with their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee front man, performing the shock rocker’s most iconic anthems. On Sunday November 15th, you can come celebrate with the band members at the Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm.’

The primary goal with this press release was event promotion/ticket sales and it turned out great, if you ask me. I was also both surprised and impressed to see how involved some of the band members were in spit balling marketing ideas with the production team for the event as well as being involved in proof reading and copy/imagery approval before the press release was sent out. This definitely killed some of my assumptions about rock stars. Very cool experience.

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