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Here’s something pretty cool that not all copywriters get to experience, especially not freelance writers such as myself whom often work from a remote location:

One of my client’s biggest running events of the year took place in my city today and I got a chance to experience the runners’ anticipation and excitement before the race. What’s so cool and special about that, you might ask?

Well, the cool thing is that all these thousands of runners are all there because the social media and email marketing campaigns leading up to the race have caught their eyes and struck a chord with them. Campaigns written by yours truly. So, the anticipation and excitement that I as a ghost writer have created on behalf of the race by composing posts in a plain Word document and married with awesome imagery suddenly turned into real, tangible anticipation and excitement for real people.

All those posts over the past couple of months where I have pumped up the event’s social media following through many variations of energizing ‘Are you ready for the running experience of a life time, Stockholm!?’-styled posts – just turned from digital to reality.

That’s what’s cool and special about that.

I could overhear runners talking about some of the awesome happenings and features of the race that I’ve been hyping up in post after post and ‘how they were super excited to experience them finally’.

As a writer; it is great to be able to experience the real effect of the thoughts and effort that is invested in a marketing campaign and also to experience firsthand what my work has resulted in for my clients.

Job – done!

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