How do you turn ‘you get nothing’ into an exciting opportunity?

A client contacted me the other day and asked: How do you turn the message of ’I need you, but you get nothing’ into a positive, selling message in a social media post or email? Challenge accepted, I thought to myself and got busy.

Copywriting - How to turn You get nothing into an exciting opportunity

The basic rule of marketing is to know who you are marketing to. In this case; the amazing opportunity of getting nothing at all was for volunteers to work at a festival and the client wasn’t sure she could offer them anything at all, maybe not even food, but desperately needed some bodies.

The client did however mention that the target group she was aiming for were expats who desperately want to learn Swedish. There’s a selling point right there. Another one was the location in itself: smack in the middle of Stockholm city center at a huge, fun food fair. So, the volunteer offer turned from ‘nothing, nada, zilch’ to a great opportunity to work as a volunteer for a few hours whilst their practicing Swedish and have some fun in the sun. That doesn’t sound like nothing to me. As the volunteering opportunity was actually at a food fair, the client also figured that food wouldn’t be an issue and added that to the mix.

The result: A smashing invitation that is currently sparking more interest that the client could have hoped for. Done and done.

Sometimes it’s just that simple: Figure out who your target audience is, what they are interested in and say it like it is. If all else fails: Add free food. Works every time.

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